Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sew Busy!!

This has been a busy week so far. Yesterday was a very cold morning. I was *sew* inspired by the cold, that I made myself a fleece hat. I have had this pattern (Butterick 4324) for years. When I was leading a homeschool girl's sewing club, we used this pattern to make capes. I was digging through my patterns and noticed the hat. I thought it was cute and decided to give it a try. I had a small scrap of white fleece that I used. It went together in about 15 minutes or less (not counting the machine embroidery). Since it was a plain white fabric, I decided it needed a little something to perk it up - and of course machine embroidery was the answer. The possibilities are endless with this little hat. I can make them with novelty or sports fleece. I can make them in various colors and add personalization with embroidery. The pattern calls for 1/3 yard of fleece, but you could make at least 2 out of that (because of the width), possibly more. I wish I would have discovered this a little sooner so I could make more as gifts for Christmas, but time is running short.

I also finished up Timothy's Christmas PJ pants. I didn't work too hard to get the stripes to line up. I probably could have, but I bought just barely enough fabric to make the pants, so I couldn't fussy cut too much. They're just PJ pants after all, and Timothy doesn't care. He thinks they're great!!

So, lastly, my current project is Hannah's Christmas PJ pants. I have had this fabric for several years. In fact, I am pretty sure I bought in January 2008 when my friend Susan came to visit in Pensacola. We went to A&E Pharmacy together. They have an amazing fabric department. This fabric had to be incredibly cheap because I bought 6 yards of it. I have no idea what I was thinking then, but now it's enough to make Hannah's PJ pants and a pair for me too - and maybe even a pair for Bridget too.

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  1. I read your intro on Above Rubies. I thought I would come and check out your blog. I am a sew-er want to be I do simple things but am hoping to increase my abilities in this area. Time finding the time is the hard part. I am following you now and hoping you inspire me to find the time!! I blog to and would love for you to stop by