Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A block a day keeps the doctor away....

I've heard the silly quotes that say things like, "Sewing is cheaper than a psychiatrist" or "Sewing is my therapy."  I am finding that is true!  Between planning a wedding, preparing to move, the lingering head cold that spread among my family, and Jonathan's bicycle accident that landed him in ICU, I have often felt as though I am one french fry short of a happy meal.  I've decided that even in the midst of my hectic schedule of work, transporting kids to band practice, homework, etc, I am going to commit to making one block a day (which becomes 4) for my disappearing 9-patch quilt.  Every day, I will make a 9-patch block that will be cut to create 4 disapeparing 9-patch blocks.   These are simple, no-brainer blocks, but will do wonders for my mental state.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Quilting/Sewing Table/Desk

For years, I have used an old fashioned sewing cabinet as my sewing table.  However, it's never worked very well.  I never seem to have room for whatever it is that I am working on.

Jonathan found this desk at a Mennonite garage sale for $10.  It's crammed in my living room for now, but after Kurt and I are married, it will go in our room.  It's perfect.  I have a top drawer for my scissors, pins, etc.  The drawers on either side are great for storing quilt blocks, charm packs, quilting patterns, even a work in progress.  I am so excited to finally have a place to work and have enough room to spread out my projects while I work!!