Monday, July 23, 2012

Off The Beaten Path in Amish Country

I recently bought a road map of Lancaster County, and I have a mission!!  I am going to take it with me every time I go for a photography session in Amish Country.  I am going to find and label and make a note of every off the beaten path Amish store -- not the tourist traps, but genuine Amish home businesses.  They're never advertised, so they're very hard to find.  I am going to make a map and key so I can find as many as possible and visit them as often as I would like to - and not just be reliant on having to stumble upon them from time to time.   I am so excited about this.

It's VBS at our church this week, so it's a pretty busy week, but if not later this week, then for sure next week I will be hitting the road in Amish Country to begin my map quest!  :-)

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