Friday, August 6, 2010

The Smocking Bee

Work is coming along quite nicely with my plans for publishing "The Smocking Bee" podcast.  I have downloaded all the necessary software, registered with PodBean, and Timothy and I even worked on a little test yesterday evening.  For any of you who are heirloom sewers/quilters or smockers, what would you like to hear in an heirloom/smocking podcast?  I'd love to hear your ideas.

In the meantime, while I am still working on the podcast (and accompanying blog site), I am also working on my entries for the Denver Fair in September.  I only have just over one row of smocking left on my Christmas ornament.  Then I move onto a smocked doll dress for Martha (my 18" Martha Pullen doll).  I will probably have to design my own smocking plate for the dress as there are so very few picture smocking plates for dolls out there.  Picture smocking is my favorite type of smocking.

It feels good to be back in the swing of things with my sewing/smocking and with the Martha Pullen Fan Club.... if only school would hurry up and start -- then life will *really *settle down when I'm not trying to work full-time from home with three bored kids in the house all day!   24 days and counting!

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  1. It's a great thing your doing...!!

    And school started yesterday here in my part of the high country......