Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sew Blessed in Amish Country

In the past few months, I have been through some major changes in my life. The most significant change is that I packed up my three children, along with everything we own, and moved 1,100 miles from Florida to beautiful Amish Country, Pennsylvania.

I moved here for my job, but that was just an excuse to move to this beautiful part of the country.

I've been fascinated with the Amish for many years, having lived in Pennsylvania for a year in 1990, and also having lived in northern Indiana for 9 years near a large Amish community.

I've always been intrigued by their simple lifestyle and amazing sense of community. In addition, I love their beautiful, intricate quilts.

Sewing has been one of my favorite hobbies for years, as I have sewn for my children for the past 16 years. Now that they are growing up (ages 16, 13 and 5), my focus is turning to quilting.

I am finding that quilting is even more fun that regular sewing. The possibilities to be creative are endless!! Not only that, I am just 30 miles away from Lancaster County, PA -- home of dozens and dozens of incredible quilting shops.

I have kept a sewing blog in the past, but because I am starting over in life in Pennsylvania, I decided to start over with my blog as well -- one that reflects the changes that have gone on in my life.

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  1. Connie,
    SEW GLAD you have a new blog! I've added it to my list of blogs to follow. Gave my DD a Bernette 92 for Christmas. She's starting to sew for her three little ones. Oldest will be three in Feb. Middle one two in Feb and youngest born this past Sept. I love Amish Country. Was there last March for a few days and again end of May/June over night and a day of shopping. Hoping to get back there end of March.

    God Bless you and your dear children. It was good to see your posting on Martha's Fan Club today. GOing to check out the website for the McCall's Quilt Mag. Looks like one I'm going to HAVE to buy from the cover.